Can I use holy ash for love?

Can I use holy ash for love?-

Can I use holy ash for love?

Can I Use Holy Ash For Love?

Can I use holy ash for love?  Basically, the holy ash can be worn at any time. It is recommended that it be applied as soon as one gets up in the morning. Some may wonder if it is proper to do so, especially without bathing or washing up.

As the ash is considered holy and auspicious, there is no pollution attending to it under any circumstances. Obviously, after a bath there is a sense of cleanliness and some may prefer to apply the holy ash only after a bath.

The important thing to remember here is that the holy ash be worn as long as possible if not at all times.

Many people feel that in a modern environment it may not be possible to adorn the forehead with the holy ash all the time. They consider it particularly difficult in a cosmopolitan society.

The areas where sacred ash is applied become more sensitive and open to the supreme power. So, if you use Holy Ash before leaving the house, you receive divinity and become more receptive. You start observing life in different ways and perceptions.

These are all very important ayurvedic preparations that are used internally for treating different illnesses and should only be consumed under the strict supervision of an experienced ayurvedic practitioner. I would suggest never internally consuming vibhuti at home without consulting an expert.



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