A white spell to cure bad habits, authentic spells

 A white spell to cure bad habits

A white spell to cure bad habits is put using some red wine (preferably Cahors wine). The healer and the patient should sit down facing each other. The healer pours half a glass of wine into his patient and himself, then he and the patient exchange their glasses. Then he mixed up the wine in

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A white Healing Spell Put with Help of Sand, Authentic spells

A white Healing Spell Put with Help of Sand

A white Healing Spell Put with Help of Sand is cast when the moon changes its phases (from full to waxing). At noon, when the sun is at its peak, the healer and the patient should meet at the beach (or another place with plenty of sand. The healer draws a naked man in the

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White Protection Spell, Authentic Spells

White Protection Spell

White Protection Spell, Unfortunately, violence is a burning problem of modern society. Violence against spouses and children is widely discussed in mass media. Undoubtedly, violence has always been a part of our life, it just wasn’t reported or mentioned. Now we have an opportunity to make the whole world know about it. Protection spells can

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Magical Bottle

Magical Bottle Once in a while, people have to deal with negative energies, such as troubles, irritation, friends’ envy. This negative energy disperses quickly and the energy body restores. Restoration occurs quicker if you charge your body with light, positive energies, and new impressions. However, it’s better to reduce the risk to the minimum. The

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Time Favorable For Spellcasting, authentic spells

Time Favorable For Spellcasting

Time Favorable For SpellCasting Indians believe that the months favorable for spell casting are: April, May, October and November – very favorable; June and December – less favorable; March, July and August – least favorable; January, February, and September – not favorable; As for days, most favorable are full moon days, as well as the

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How to remove A spell, authentic spells

How to remove A spell

How to remove A spell The ritual to remove a spell should be performed on Friday, when the moon’s waning. In the evening, from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. (ideally 9.45 p.m.), the spell caster and the victim should walk around the victim’s house together. Reaching the front door, the healer takes the victim by

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Spells to Relieve Pain, authentic spells

Spells to Relieve Pain

  Spells to Relieve Pain: I drive my pain away to where it came from. My body is healed and my strengths are recovered. The pain did me no harm, and ridding myself of it is my reward. Getting rid of the pain and having learned a lesson, I’m moving on. My body is light

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spell to treat unknown diseases white magic spells authentic spells

A Spell To Treat Unknown Diseases

Spell to treat unknown disease Authentic Spells A Spell to treat unknown diseases To treat diseases that can’t be diagnosed by medicine, the following healing spell should be put. Pick up some St. John’s wort and milfoil and mixed them up in equal shares. Take some water from a well and put the mix into

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powerful love spell attraction spells authentic spells

All you need to know about Attraction Spell

Attraction Spell by Authentic spells First and foremost, an attraction spell can belong to either white or black magic. Which one should you choose? I would advise using a light spell for attraction, as the effect of the black one is described in the fairy tale The Little Mermaid. In exchange for the ability to

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