How to get rid of Muthi

How to get rid of Muthi-
How to get rid of Muthi

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How to get rid of Muthi I have been fascinated by the myth ever since I was a kid. I first heard of this creature when I noticed a relative of mine had placed their bed on bricks – two under each leg. “They can’t climb high,” I was told.

I’ve never seen one myself, but they’re very much a part of our lives in this country. These creatures are apparently summoned using powerful muti and they’re sent to cause pain and disruption.

In investigating this creature, my first port of call wasn’t a sangoma as you might think. I went to my street corner to speak with the ladies who were waiting for the Fafi man there. Fafi is a numbers game of luck where you can win small sums of money. It was apparently brought to South Africa by the Chinese, and people’s choice of numbers depends on what they dreamt the night before.

A cow could indicate the number seven and a chicken could mean play double. It varies, from what I can tell. I was particularly interested in one dream that was being heavily thrashed out on the corner one day. One of the ladies dreamt she had sexual relations with a handsome white man. Sis’ G explains: “It was so real and he was so good.”

She blushes as the pavement is sent into an uproar and at least six of the women present are adamant that this is the work of a How to get rid of Muthi. Sis’ G has been on a role at Fafi of late, and she says she’s been making more money than she usually does. Her friends immediately say that jealous people want to derail her good fortunes and that this handsome white guy is how they will do it. I shudder as one of the ladies suggests: “It will come for you every night until you can’t have children anymore.”

I’ve never heard a nice thing about a How to get rid of Muthi in all my life. I’ve heard that they’re short and hairy. Some even have a bit of a sweet tooth. It’s all rather puzzling as I have also been told that the creatures are tall and have a lust for the taste of blood. A common thread seems to be their appetite for sex. So how exactly would one get rid of a How to get rid of Muthi?

Sangoma of the Sun

The Daily Sun uses a sangomas Authentic spells from Sandton to aid in its coverage of this supernatural scourge, and often links up readers who need help. Authentic spells has been practising sangoma for 27 years and he’s seen it all.

“This thing is very real my man,” he chuckles weirdly. “I didn’t think so, but I have encountered How to get rid of Muthis many times.”

Authentic spells explain just what happens when you’re dealing with this: “It’s a creature that can’t easily be seen with the human eye. It enters your life by taking the form of something familiar. Many times when people come to me, they speak of dreams that involve them having sex with a white man or woman.”

Rest easy though, he assures me that these beings can come for Caucasians too. Maybe you’ll dream of sex with a black person…

This is what Sis’ G said happened to her. Authentic spells says: “These creatures are brought to our plane of reality through witchcraft and powerful muti. They are sent by those who are envious and seek to see those around them fall on hard times. It can be sent from one province to another or just next door. When it comes and is left untreated, businesses, marriages and even life can come to an end.”

He’s dead serious the entire time he explains this to me. The mood of our conversation gets more bone-chilling as he recounts what he’s seen before.

“I’ve seen cases where the How to get rid of Muthi is in complete control of a person. It inhabits and controls them. People black out and wake up naked in the middle of a field when the How to get rid of Muthi decides to take a rest. They have no idea how they got there or what they’d been doing, in some cases, for days prior.”

He urges you to reach out as soon as you can if things start going a little pear-shaped for you and your dreams become twisted.

“You’ll know when a How to get rid of Muthi is looking to get you. You’ll need to seek the help of a sangoma quickly. There are a few options you have. The sangoma can speak with your ancestors and ask them to protect you.”

This would be done in a session where you must pay and burn incense.

“I know certain people use the blood of a black chicken to cleanse a person’s body. I don’t use a black one and I never kill the chicken. I take just enough blood to place on my client’s face and body. I then set that chicken free.”

I ask about the bricks and he says: “It does work, which is why so many people do it. The scary thing is that a How to get rid of Muthi can be amped up or made to work harder to get inside a person

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