Make Korobela

Make Korobela-

Make Korobela

Make Korobela

Make Korobela provides a wide range of services to both individuals and couples. Being one person, Am able to give my clients personalized quality service.

In South African English, the word “muti” is derived from the Zulu/Xhosa word umuthi, meaning “tree,” whose root is -thi. In Southern Africa, “muti” and cognates of umuthi are in widespread use in most indigenous African languages as well as in South African English and Afrikaans, which sometimes use “muti” as a slang word for medicine in general or to make korobela.

African traditional medicine makes use of various natural products, many derived from trees and other plants. Botanical medicine prescribed by an inyanga or herbal healer is generally known as “muthi”, but the term can apply to other traditional medical formulations, including those that are zoological or mineral in composition,basically to make korobela is to make african traditional medicines



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