Nzunza calling

Nzunza calling-

Nzunza calling

Nzunza Calling-Https://

Nzunza calling is water based spirits/ancestors the word inzunza which means REED BED because they habit dams ,rivers etc.
They are the keys 2 the spiritual world and are mostly identified through dreaming .
Inzunza spirits come from the bandawo clan and these spirits are co linked 2 each other.
If you posses this spirit you should frequent water sides and perform water rituals quite often which I cannot disclose at this point .
Most people confuse the inzunza spirit with mundawo we sithunywa ,and ikanyamba.
Though some people with this ancestor have 2 literally have snakes, which they will appear in your dreams showing u what they want 2 give you ,some can just go apesiwa serithi sa yona ,others must have ponds endumbeni with river water ,malele so your ndumba should have a river ,dam smell .



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