Power to Harness Jinn and White Magic

Power to Harness Jinn and White Magic-https://authenticspells.com/
Power to Harness Jinn and White Magic

Power To Harness Jinn And White Magic-Https://Authenticspells.com/

Power to Harness Jinn and White Magic Throughout time, long before people walked the earth, before there were

pharaohs, Jinns were the rulers of the universe. Jinns are spiritual beings who possess intense energy.  They are capable

of channeling the natural elements, earth, fire, water, and air, in manifestation.

Also referred to as genies, jinn are considered supernatural, however not transcendent to nature, but rather that they

appear to be so in our perception of them due to their invisibility.  Jinn are rather more “natural” than we may consider

in that they are elements who can undergo change and be bound in time and space.

Jinn, White Magic, and the Power to Harness Both! The power of a Jinn is not intrinsically good or evil !

Their ability to be spiritual and physical in nature allows them to be able to interact in a tactile manner with objects and

people. The alliance between man and Jinn go back for centuries and is one of great power, for both the person and

the Jinn.  People can harness the power of Jinn by using binding rituals that summon the Jinn and binds them to an object.

The power of a Jinn is not intrinsically good or evil, it is merely power in and of itself.  It is for this reason that the

intentions of the person who conjures a Jinn become the deciding factor as to how its power is used.  The same idea

pertains to that of black magic and white magic, the magic is the power itself, the good or bad that it produces is

based on how it is used and by the intentions that it is used.

White magic’s purpose is to do good and to bring the practitioner to a higher enlightened state of consciousness.

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