Rituals for Abortion and miscarriage

Rituals for Abortion and miscarriage-https://authenticspells.com/
Rituals for Abortion and miscarriage

Rituals For Abortion And Miscarriage-Https://Authenticspells.com/

Rituals for Abortion and miscarriage are very neccesary as there’s nothing easy about the decision to abort or have a miscarrige, and the process required to complete it. Those challenges are only made more difficult by the societal taboos that silence and shame the process.

I worked with a couple who were choosing to terminate a pregnancy, and we held a series of rituals to help everyone involved get through it with as much love and grace as possible.

Our goal with these rituals was not only to change the experience for this child, this couple, and those who care about and support them, but also to help build new healing patterns in the cultural field around this experience.

Rituals for Abortion and miscarriage often have a relieving effect, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Even though the original decision feels right, there can still be disabling amounts of guilt and shame.

Healing life after this has happened takes place in The Cradle of The Great Mother, where we’re able to return to innocence.

Enter this compassionate and gentle healing space to alleviate distress, sadness, shame and grief; laying the path to self-forgiveness. The soothing salve of The Great Mother enables the psyche’s natural healing process to unfold.

Here are guidelines for 3 ceremonies that are designed to take you into The Cradle. You’re encouraged to try them and adjust them to suit you personally.

I recommend you keep it simple and take your time, experimenting with what works for you along the way.

You will be co-creating the ceremony as Spirit will join with your intention; going into deep healing space is not something you need to do alone. However you feel or sense Spirit is personal to you. Try to trust the process and know that you’re supported.

Do the healing ceremonies as many times as you need to. They are suitable for women who’ve had abortions, miscarriages and stillbirths, men who have experienced associated loss and for couples to do together.

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