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sorcerer spells,I enjoy the sorcerer spells quite a bit, but one of the drawbacks is the limited number of spells available to the character. A level four sorcerer has five spells, not counting an extra one that comes from a draconic bloodline. And not counting cantrips, of course.

It’s a careful decision, picking the right  spells. Some for combat, some for utility perhaps.

I also find myself inevitably giving consideration to items I know are in the game. That impacts my choices more than I like to admit, unfortunately. For instance, I’m keen on grabbing something like a scorching ray because of the Circlet of Fire. And I question whether or not I need Misty Step or Invisibility because those two things are so easy to get from items/scrolls/potions.

Right now, I think I lean toward the following five sorcerer spells:

1. Chromatic Orb,
2. Sleep,
3. Magic Missile,
4. Misty Step,
5. Cloud of Daggers

…with a draconic bloodline of either White or Gold.

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