The best Sangoma in Zimbabwe

The best Sangoma in Zimbabwe-
The best Sangoma in Zimbabwe

The Best Sangoma In Zimbabwe-Https://

The best Sangoma in Zimbabwe with Natural and herbal medicines are experiencing a global renaissance, with the World Health Organisation estimating that more than 80 percent of the world’s population uses this type of medicinal therapy. Traditional medicine has always been at the heart of most African people and in particular the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

Statistics show that in Africa, 50 percent of the population regularly uses alternative therapies, natural herbs being the most used. The fact that most of the medicine is found within the vicinity of the African community makes it very attractive, user friendly as well as it being cost effective and flexible in adapting to the dynamics of modern society trends.

The paper highlights that in Zimbabwe, there is growing popularity of the herbal medicines due to the healing properties attributed to them. Other reasons are affordability of medicines, as compared to biomedical therapy and user friendliness of the herbs.



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