The Flowerpot Spell

The Flowerpot Spell-
The Flowerpot Spell

The Flowerpot Spell-Https://

The Flowerpot Spell,Before you open your circle take the coin (suitably consecrated) outside and hold it up to the Moon, focusing your mind on the one whose thoughts you are trying to turn in your direction. Now go back inside and, the opening rituals completed, bury the coin in the flowerpot. Sprinkle the seeds on top to form the initials of the other person’s first and last name.

If the seeds germinate and shoots start to appear, your love should take root and blossom.

 Now, I’ll be the first to admit that love magic isn’t my strongest subject but this has always been one of my favourite ways to work love spells! It takes full advantage of the properties of Earth and allows you to tend to and grow the spell naturally over time.

Working with a living being can be a bit of a challenge, it’s always best to proceed with as much respect for the plant as possible. The better you care for the plant and the more you work with the plant the more effective your spell will be.

I like to choose something I can keep near me for the Flowerpot Spell  , potted houseplants being my favourite. You can pick a flower or plant based on it’s association (you can look into floriography for that) or choose something hardy like a cactus. You can also incorporate the colour of any flowers the plant may have.

This spell is not designed to be used on a particular person though you could adjust it if you have someone in mind that already feels love for you and perhaps incorporate a lock of hair or bury a slip of paper with their name in the pot. What you’re trying to do is change your personal energy in such a way that allows any love that already exists for you to grow and increase. This spell is less about creating or forcing love and more about priming yourself to receive all of the love you possibly can.

How To Grow Love with the Flowerpot Spell

Sit with your plant and meditate on love. Really strive to feel the emotions that come with falling in love and being loved by someone. Listen to music that evokes these emotions, look at photos of people you love and let yourself drift into fantasies about what your ideal loving relationship would look like. Pour all of these emotions and your loving energy into the plant, empowering it with the intention to hold and foster more of this energy as the plant grows.

Once the plant is empowered with your purpose all of the care of that plant becomes part of the spell. Treat the care of the plant like the care of the love you want to grow, as the plant grows so too does the love in your life!

Any time you like you can repeat the loving meditation with your plant in order to refresh the spell, regular practice of this meditation can encourage the Flowerpot Spell to work faster.

This spell serves two purposes, the plant will hold a heightened vibrational energy (specifically that of love) which will encourage your own energy to match it, changing how you and those around you perceive and act toward you. In addition, caring for the plant will help to focus you on the care and effort that goes into maintaining love.

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