umndawu ndau spirit signs

umndawu ndau spirit signs-

umndawu ndau spirit signs

Umndawu Ndau Spirit Signs-Https://

umndawu ndau spirit signs since its a foreign spirit, people with ndau spirit, suffer with incurable headaches. You dream abelungu, Indians, and dream of amabhayi eg. jitha and paru, because this is a foreign spirit. This spirit formed when a family member had relations with traders (Whites or Indians) warriors from Mozambique, Zimbabwe etc.

Then went on to expand to SA. It uses ukufemba for healing and imithi.
Umnguni / umndiki Umnguni it’s Dlozi that is within your bloodline, a family member, a healer that either didn’t finish their initiation or finished then practised then now want to pass it down to the next generation. It’s your Gogo and Mkhulus. They come with different gifts.  
Umndiki These are your great great ancestors. 

Indiki are your ancestors, some parents pass down names, this causes a problem for a child because they have to bonga igama and now the child automatically carries that person’s spirit ngoba uthekelwe ngegama.
Isanusi / umhlahli These are foreseers, they are able to see things before they happen and give names of people and scenarios as they would happen and how they happened. They are very powerful and it’s a development of abalozi when they have matured through years.



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