What is Isthunywa?

What is Isthunywa?|https://authenticspells.com/

What is Isthunywa?

What Is Isthunywa?|Https://Authenticspells.com/

What is Isthunywa? literally means “messenger” this is a messenger and a mediator between physical reality and the spiritual reality. What is Isthunywa?  a term used to refer to an umbrella of spirits so we need to be cognizant and thread very light when dealing with this topic. This is where we find mythical creatures (ndlondlo, nzunza, nkosazana, abelozi, inkanyamba to name a few from African mythology BUT many of these spirits reign in the entire universe in a different realm)


This is an ancient form of communication and has been in existence for the longest of time, idlozi which is what possesses you taps into this information to pass down knowledge and wisdom but because of colonisation, to work with this energy was prohibited and Africans were forced to adopt religion and thus the works and ways of idlozi were confined. However, the energy kept on manifesting in people and our ancestors had to find other ways to exist within the system they found themselves in.

This is where going up to mountains to pray came about, of course influenced by biblical stories.

As a natural evolution because umoya ongene ookhokho could not use imithi that were now illegal to pick, had to find other ways to work and heal. This is when iziwasho came into existence, the wearing of church regalia, the use of more mild herbs that were used to heal, water, Bible, prayer and candles were now adopted to find a new way of working with spirit. It is this very reason that you dream of izambhatho, iziphika, iziwasho. This is a manifestation of oogogo indlela abavela ngayo kuwe because of the way they healed in their time because of political injustices.

Manifestation of isthunywa

As previously mentioned, this is a very broad topic and whether or not ungenwe ngumoya wokhokho who channelled this universal energy, or ungenwe by these mystical creatures there are more or less similarities in which this energy manifests.

• Prophesy.

• Empathy.

• Uses of water as a method of healing or constant requirement to visit water bodies such as the ocean and rivers.

• Fondness to candles.

• Use of crystals.

• Interest and deep knowledge of the esoteric arts.

• General pull to celestial bodies.What is Isthunywa?

• Sensitive emotions and generally quick to cry ( this is a result of the heart chakra expanding in consciousness as you welcome divine flow of universal energy. (Rough ride this one).

• Singing, sthunywa is extremely fond of songs.

• Counseling and psychology.

• Cleanliness

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