White Protection Spell

White Protection Spell, Authentic Spells

White Protection Spell, Unfortunately, violence is a burning problem of modern society. Violence against spouses and children is widely discussed in mass media. Undoubtedly, violence has always been a part of our life, it just wasn’t reported or mentioned. Now we have an opportunity to make the whole world know about it.

Protection spells can be cast by a victim, whoever he or she is, to gain strength and courage, and stop the violence. Violence must not be left unpunished.

White Protection Candle Spell

White Protection Spell

Time: any time, preferably Tuesday or Friday.

Days: 3 days in a row.

Hours: Mars hour.

Candles: astral for the Asker; day candle corresponding to the day of the week; candles-offertory: two color white-pink candle (3) with an inscription “Love/Purification” and one goldish-green saying “Healing/Protection.”

Incense: gum arabic or dragon’s blood, labdanum, and sandalwood.

Oils: cypress, pink geranium and rosemary for the white-pink candles; ambergris, civet and lotus for the goldish-green candle.

Key work: “Freedom-Joy.”

Other: opal or nephritis (3); divining rod.

Ablution: cinnamon, lavender and rosemary.

Breathe deeply, feel the protection light entering you. During the ablution, meditate focusing on the ritual, actions which will protect you from violence and help you become a happy person. Enter the circle at the Mars hour on Tuesday or Friday, if possible. If not, cast the spell any day you want. Light some incense. Oil altar candles and the day candle concentrating on the purpose of the ritual.

Use a thin altar candle to light the day candle. Announce your intentions,

White Protection Spell

“I came here to help (name) change the situation (or “I came here to change the situation”): stop violence which causes suffering and help experience the joy of life again.”

Write the name of the Asker on the astral candle with an awl and oil the candle. Use a thin candle to light the Asker’s candle, saying,

“Here is (name), having strength, capable of overcoming any difficulty. Let his spirit be unshakable like this flame – the symbol of the inner power which can withstand any test.”

Use the awl to scratch the words “Love” and “Purification” on the white-pink candle. Oil it and light it, saying,

“I light the first beacon in the circle of strength, embracing (name). Let this beacon, while flaring up, multiply the strength of the Asker and help him defecate his life of suffering. Let the light remove the burden carried by (name) and teach him to enjoy life again.”

Take a censer and fumigate the space around the altar, while rhythmically repeating the key word “Freedom-Joy” and accumulating the energy. Put the censer where it belongs and direct your energy at the white-pink candle, saying,

White Protection Magic Ritual

“I light the second beacon in the circle of strength, embracing (name). Let it, while flaring up, multiply its strength and help him defecate his life of suffering, cognize pure love and joy. Let this light remove the burden carried by (name) and teach him to enjoy life again. ”

Take the censer and fumigate the space around the altar again, while rhythmically repeating the keyword “Freedom-Joy” and accumulating the energy. Put the censer where it belongs and direct your energy at the white-pink candle, saying,

“Now the circle of strength is closed around (name). Here’s the flame of justice and might, protecting (name) and returning joy and love back into his life.”

Take the divining rod and touch each opal with it, imagining the strength and energy of gods entering your body and flowing to the rod. Direct this energy at each stone, realizing its divine purifying and protection force. Some imagine a sunray of divine energy coming from the sky and penetrating into the head through their “third eye.” Others feel the energy coming from the ground and rising through their legs and body. Use the awl to write the words “Healing” and “Protection” on the goldish-green candle. Oil the candle and light it, saying,

“Here is Healing and Protection. There will be no suffering and hatred anymore.” Take the candle and move it clockwise slowly, making a round of the candles in the middle three times. Try to imagine your life full of joy and love, with no fear and suffering. Believe that violence will stop and the life of the asker will change for the better. Feel love and joy filling the world and becoming a part of the Asker. They belong to him.

Put out the candles in reverse order. White Protection Spell

Repeat casting protection spells for three days in a row.

Give up the idea of revenge and punishment. Punishment of your offender is not your problem. It is believed in Wicca and other pagan cults that bad people undergo punishment in this life and it is twice as bad as their guilt. The deity will take care of the offender. Focus on the victim, on how he can get his health and happiness back.

If you want protection from someone, contact me. I can provide you with either white magic or black magic protection.

White Protection Spell

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