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wicca herbal magic

Wicca Herbal Magic


Wicca Herbal Magic ,Most Wiccans hold to the belief of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit; the five classic elements. Most Wicca is considered an earth-centered religion, where nature is held in high regard.

The Wicca believe that wicca herbal magic have magical healing powers and utilize them in their rituals and spells. Much like any other spell, the right herb must be used to maximize results.

Like all cultures and religions, herbalism has its place in the Wiccan religion as well. Most true wicca herbal magic practitioners find themselves well versed in which herbs can heal and highly advise knowing the difference between which are good, and which can cause harm.

When starting the craft of magical herbalism, it is important to take your time. Do the research required to learn the herbs and become one with them. Feel them with your spirit and invite their power in.

For centuries herbs have had their place in wicca herbal magic history. From the very first recorded witches to the more modern witches of today, both medicinal and magical, herbs have held their important place. Shakespeare used some of these phrases in one of his plays that are still commonly used today when talking about witches and their spells.

Generally, the terms are used in a joking matter and misconstrue the actual meaning of herbs and plants and their place in medicinal and magical history. There was never an “eye of newt” but it is believed to have been mustard seed during that time. Witches in older times would use overly vivid terms to describe herbs and flowers used in their spells and potions to scare common folk. This was to create hysteria and get people to leave them to their magic.

Our wonderful planet Earth gives us herbs. There are millions, if not billions, of plants on this single planet. The varieties change as you move from the North Pole going down across the Equator and down to the South Pole. Every inch of the earth is covered by a plant. Some are microscopic while others are so huge that you can spot them for miles.

For magicians and witches, plants are not typical growing things without meanings. To them, plants are super special offerings of nature where each one of them has a particular role to play in human lives. Some plants appeal to the eye and nourish the body from head to toe just by viewing.

This nourishment is magic in itself. Other plants, like roses, are not only appealing to the eye but also to the nose and lungs. Their sweet scents evoke a wonderful feeling inside us, and that is also magic. Some plants cure us when we are sick or injured. Is it not magical that a simple fruit, leaf, root, or flower can heal a wound or remove an illness? Like we mentioned before, Wicca opens up our eyes to all the magic which surrounds us, which we have unfortunately learned to ignore.




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